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Price substantiation: Requirement to substantiate selling price estimates
The Commissioner for Fair Trading may now require real estate agents to substantiate that their selling price estimates provided to sellers or buyers, or prospective sellers or buyers, were reasonable. That is, the agent must be able to show that there was some objective basis on which their estimates were based.


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These are my favourite brokers in terms of service and value for money found in Australia:

  1. www.tmb.com.au
  2. www.mortgagechoice.com.au
  3. www.echoice.com.au
  4. www.aussiehomeloans.com.au
  5. www.choicehomeloans.com.au
  6. www.loanmart.com.au
  7. www.wizard.com.au
  8. www.mortgagehouse.com.au
  9. www.resi.com.au
  10. www.miaa.com.au

Brokers in Australia may be mortgage brokers, insurance brokers or even stock brokers. This website is concerned with real estate (often seen misspelt as “realestate”) for sale, Australian realtors and realty in Australia. Properties for sale and property valuations may have complex issues only experts such as The Mortgage Bureau fully understand. Their staff have the ability to help apply common sense guidance to your investment needs.

They can also advise you how to purchase wisely rural properties, land, homes, houses, units, villas and property listings such as farms for sale in most areas of Australia. Real estate in Sydney is a little different from other Australian real estate, as prices may be a little above what you can afford, particularly your first home. In saying that, Sydney real estate has the best long term asset growth with similar requirements in other states and territories of Australia for pest reports, building reports and termite inspections -otherwise known as pre-purchase property inspections.

Mortgage Broking and Real Estate in Australia
If you are looking for a mortgage in Australia you will be confronted by a very wide range of products from traditional lenders, such as the major banks and smaller boutique banks as well as many non-bank lenders.

Trying to work out which lenders suit your needs can be a very time consuming process. More and more people are turning to mortgage brokers to assist them in selecting the right loan for their needs. You will find that a quality broker will assist you with the whole process of tracking down the right loan.

At the end of your appointment with your broker you should be familiar with:

 Which lenders are best suited to your requirements
 The lending policies of these lenders
 The fees and charges applicable
 How to set up your loan correctly
 The interest rates of the products available to you

Lending Policy
Lending policies vary considerably between the different lenders. A large number of application made directly to banks are rejected because they don’t meet the banks policies. You will greatly increase your chances of getting a loan approved through a broker as they are familiar with:

 Which lenders match your situation.
 What information a lender requires to approve your loan
 How to present the loan to the lender so it gets approved.