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Financial Calculation Tools:

Financial Calculation Tools:
Financial Calculation Tools:

Loan Calculator – with Amortization option Thinking of borrowing to invest? Why not use our quick loan calculator to determine your monthly repayments (there may be tax advantages when borrowing for investment purposes).

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Compound Interest One of the wonders of investing is time. Investing a capital or regular amount and letting it compound. Use the following calculation to see how money grows.

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Halogen “Budget Master” FREE Budget Planner One of the first steps to wealth creation is to understand your financial resources .The first place to start is with a personalised budget, and the simplest way is with the Halogen Budget Master Planner.

Click here to download the Budget Master Planner (MS Excel Spreadsheet) (right click and save to your hard drive)

Following are some excellent sources that may be of help:

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